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Whimbassadors~Play & Plunder

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Omni's Whimbassadors program enables folks across the task spectrum (ranging from "What's in it for me?" to "How can I help?") to do a little good and be rewarded.

Our monthly Play & Plunder activity calendar supplies ideas and incentives for volunteer Whimbassadors to help our fledgling academy and Whimsicalitea arts nonprofit grow, all while earning Omni Plunder ducats.

Activities include commenting on videos you like, sharing upcoming programs and events that resonate with you, and basically acting as a cheerleader for the stuff we're doing that you believe in. Ready to grab those pom pons and earn some ducats? Click here to sign up!

Take a gander our current calendar below by clicking image. Note, daily posts are not viewable until 7am Pacific time. 

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P.S. Weekly themes are sometimes synced with our 11:11 podcast topics.