Good morning from Aquis 17 Sept 2020

Lake Como, Italy

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Good morning from Arbis 16 Sept 2020

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

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Good morning from Nitris - 11 Sept 2020

"Rare in Gaia these days, this is a travelling NITRIS merry-cloud-round. One enters a special capsule on the ground under the merry-cloud-round and actuates a call signal. A vortex scoops you up and you enter the exciting merry-cloud-round. You can make out the popular bubble cloud bounce at the top of the ride." —Stephen Thompson

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Omni Tales Tea Tour stop #5 for Navigating Aquis at The Four Seasons Tea Room

Join us for a fanciful & refreshing tea at The Four Seasons Tea Room on Sunday September 27th at 12noon.

$39.75 includes finger sandwiches, petite house salad, fresh-baked scone, dessert bite, ‘cover cake’, tea, party favor, tax, gratuity, PayPal fees.

Aquatic theme attire encouraged!


One person, one moment, one decision
can change the course of your entire life.

Pete Drake has successfully scrambled to figure out how things work at the interdimensional Academy of Omniosophical Arts and Sciences. Now it’s time to settle in. But unknowns (both promising and paralyzing) once again threaten to throw him off balance. He’s over the moon to go on his first first date; however, in so doing, he learns some disturbing information about his fabled mother.

Just when he thinks his brain can take no more, he discovers time travel is possible. It’s also treacherous.

TO ENTER CONTEST, SHARE THIS POST & TAG OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Winner will be announced on 20 September 2020. Those who make reservations will be entered into the contest TWICE when they share the post. If you have a reservation then win, we'll reimburse you in cash at the tea ... and give you a little thank-you trifle.

There are no refunds, however, if you are unable to attend you may pick up your tea treats to go OR give your spot to a friend.

Good morning from Aquis! 10 Sept 2020

Travertines, Pamukkale, Turkey 

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