Omni Tales & Tea Tour

The Omni Tales series of coming-of-age fantasy novellas launched on March 21, 2020, but no one knew. Why? The world was busy going into lockdown. Additional installments of the series continue to go up on Amazon, but again no one knows. We mean to change that, and we mean to do it the best way we know how ... with afternoon tea!

Join Ocademy chronicler JSD Johnston for a series of mini book celebrations over tea, each one with its own theme, visiting tearooms hither and yon ... eventually out of state as part of weekend events. Each event will include a drawing for a free spot!

By November, the program will get into the groove with a tea each month. Until then, we'll offer events bi-weekly. This will give us the opportunity to support tearooms while they scramble to keep afloat. It will also give readers and guests a chance to get up to speed on the books. We'll pick a different spot for each get-together, so guests will get to try new places.

While books are the basis of these events, they won't consume our outings. We'll have plenty of time for chit chat about other topics. Seating will be limited to 12, and until further notice, we ask that you wear a mask as well as follow all state and venue guidelines.

As always, we encourage themed attire!

Here's what we have penciled in, come what may:

Date: Friday 31 July 2020 at 2pm
Place: McKenna's Tea Cottage, Seal Beach
Book: Marked for Adventure
Event Theme: 1974

Date: Friday, 14 August 2020 at 2pm
Place: Coterie Tea & Eatery, Upland
Book: Destiny by Design
Event Theme: Recruits, get decked out to go through a portal to an interdimensional school!

Date: Friday, 28 August 2020 at 2pm
Place: Pamela's Tea Room, Garden Grove
Book: The First Crack
Event Theme: Represent your element!

Additional themes to include Mermaids+, Time Travel, Masks, and Upside Down & Backwards

Per current circumstances, events may need to be postponed.
3-day "first dibs" offered to Ocademy Patreon patrons.

The beauty of Nasir al-Mulk

Good morning from Aether 

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Daybreak among the clouds

Good morning from Nitris! 

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Club 11:11

Dining through time & space

Exciting news for bon vivants in Dim Q—the advent of Club 11:11
an engaging supper society open exclusively to Patreon patrons at the Stipe level and above (with contests for those at lower levels). 

Commencing in Autumn 2020, members may look forward to seasonal outings such as a Flamenco Dinner Show, Houdini Seance & Dinner at the Magical Castle, Brunch at the Queen Mary, and more. Era-and-theme-appropriate attire always encouraged.

Event capacity to be set at a maximum of 11 members (+1 companion each), based on venue regulations and limitations.

Those unfamiliar with the Ocademy's Spavel class, may be unaware of instructor General Alberts' contention that 11:11 is the time each day when one can access the timestream to travel through time and space. Hence our name - Club 11:11. (Interested in learning more? Read Omni chronicler JSD Johnston's novella Navigating Aquis. coming out 1 August 2020, available for pre-order now.)

Fairy-less lights

A little something cheery for the unfortunates who live in realms without fae 

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Aquis dining & fresh air

Take away a table, do your worst - just let me dine here pleeeeeeease 

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Sending love from Terris #terris

Morning meditation

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