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All Aboard the Sponsor Ship

A galleon of thanks to those who have reached out us to become sponsors of our Shared Treasure Hunt pirate-themed kids-helping-kids activity. 

That means you: 

O.E. Kelly . Jim Canty ~ State Farm . DJ Piper . Paris In A Cup Online . Pamela's Tea Room . Rhonda Rae . Illusions of the Past . Tess Moore . Positive News Media . Whimsicalidocious . JSD Johnston 

If you'd like to join our maiden voyage as well, select the sponsor ship that's right for you and your krewe

$125 - Sea Bandit 
Name on website

$250 - Brigand
Name on website
Name on thank-you page of promo kit

$500 - Privateer
Name on website
Name on thank-you page of promo kit
Name on social media

$1000 - Buccaneer
Name on website
Name on thank-you page of promo kit
Name on social media
Name in printed program for local kickoff events
Name in press release
Mention in 7 podcast episodes 

$2500 - Corsair
Name/logo on front page website
Name/logo on first page of promo kit
Name on social media
Name in printed program for local kickoff events
Name in press release
Mention in 11 podcast episodes 

$5000 - Legend
Name/logo in Shared Treasure Hunt banner
Name/logo on front page website
Name/logo on first page of promo kit
Name on social media
Name in printed program for local kickoff events
Name in press release
Mention in 11 podcast episodes 
Name in podcast written credits (21 times)

Email STH.Whimsy@gmail.com to request sponsorship

🛟 SOS ... or rather, SOPP (save our pirate picnic)

No kidlets required!
Our pirate ship is in danger of sinking, and we need all the assistance we can get to stay afloat.

What does this mean in plain English? It means WE NEED PEOPLE AT OUR UPCOMING PIRATE PICNIC ON JULY 9 from 10am-12noon IN LONG BEACH, CA. If you live in SoCal or know someone who does, please invite them to join us. We are sorely low on attendees and can use as much help as possible to get this no-charge event out to sea.

While the party celebrates the advent of Shared Treasure Hunt—our kids-helping-kids philanthropy event—YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE ANY KIDS IN TOW TO ATTEND. We just need a few enthusiastic folk to show up and stir the waters, preferably in pirate garb.

So if you were once a kid (or still act like one), do please come and whoop it up with us. A krewe of privateer re-enactors will be on hand to regale us with piratical entertainment and sea shanties. And attendees will have the opportunity to be photographed in preparation of next year's promotional campaign.

Pirate cake, bilge water punch, and anti-scurvy oranges to be served

Event takes place at picturesque Mother's Beach park on Appian Way in Naples, Long Beach.

Simply reply to this email if you'd like to join in the festivities.  


From Cooking is Elemental - Terris edition: Seven-or-so Layer Bean Dip


What’s in a number, anyway?

Seven is such a randomly chosen number. This bean dip could have one layer (possibly the refried beans), or it could have one hundred layers – if you have a large enough container. Mix and match, or compare and contrast layers to your heart’s content. Extra points awarded for creating vertical layers.

For stimulating cocktail hour conversation, substitute the Shredded cheese with String theory cheese.

And don’t forget to save the cocktail napkins you write your epiphanies on. They’ll be needed later when you finesse your calculations for inter-dimensional time travel.

—DJ Piper

This amount of ingredients makes a ‘big’ batch in a 9x13-inch pan. The ingredients may be halved for a ‘small’ batch in an 8x8-inch pan.


  • 30 ounces can refried beans
  • 16 ounces sour cream
  • 24-ounce jar Pace's Medium Chunky Salsa (drained)
  • 2 cups Mexican Style (4-cheese blend) shredded cheese
  • 4 ounce can diced jalapeños (drained)
  • 2.25 ounce can chopped black olives
  • 2 diced avocados


  1. Layer ingredients (except avocados) in the dish in the order listed: beans, sour cream, salsa, cheese, jalapeños, olives.
  2. Refrigerate. (No cooking.)
  3. Add the chopped avocados on top just before serving so they don’t turn brown.
  4. Serve with tortilla chips or soft taco-size tortillas (for small bean burritos).


The bean dip is best if it’s made the day before, or at least chilled for several hours before serving.

This is a great party appetizer but can also be a vegetarian main dish if vegetarian (no lard) beans are used.

Use a glass baking dish or clear plastic container to show off the layers.

Adjust the spiciness level to your preference by choosing milder or hotter ingredients. Add, subtract, or substitute ingredients as you wish.

Call for content for FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS, this year's o-magazine issue, just in time for spooky season!

Submit your original recipe, blurb, poem, reminiscence, short story, movie or book review, art ... you name it!


  • Intentions due June 30 
  • Shadowy photo for cover consideration due July 10 
  • Content due August 1st 
  • Blog posts of content will commence Sept 6
  • Release party on Sun Sept 25
  • Full online magazine available to public Oct 1st

Please send your completed, fully edited, proofread, and pretty-darn-error-free work (as well as any questions) to CestLaVieSirene@gmail.com

Prefered format: MS Word. Google Docs will do in a pinch

Please use standard punctuation, no ALL CAPS or multiple exclamation marks!!! No special formatting

Happy conjuring!

Our Flag Means Hope!

Big doin's, mateys. After 11 years of setbacks, at last the younglings do-gooder activity SHARED TREASURE HUNT is setting sail! Please get the word out to anyone you think may be interested in taking part. It's not region specific, so anyone can come aboard!

Shared Treasure Hunt is a kids-helping-kids activity created to foster philanthropy among children. With a pirate theme as its focus, those participating in the rollicking adventure collect new and used items to be gifted to a homeless or impoverished child in preparation of the upcoming school year. 

Suggested items include a gently used backpack, a new toothbrush, new socks, a beloved book, packaged treats, a hand-written note, and so on. At the end of the hunt, the backpack full of “loot” should be delivered to either a local aid organization that serves underprivileged youth or directly to a nearby shelter.

The project runs from July 11th through 30th, giving participants plenty of time to collect and deliver the suggested valuables. Better yet, it gives kids the opportunity to go through items gathering dust and decide what they can part with so another child can enjoy the well-loved treasures.

Local kickoff parties will take place on July 9, with our flagship pirate picnic to be held at a waterfront park in Long Beach, California. In addition to games, a sea shanty sing-along, and general revelry, it’s rumored a group of privateers is planning to bypass the guest list and raid the event.

Juicy Info Links:

[click press release image below to enlarge]

The iatanpa - our school mascot

Thanks and kudos to Darby Busker of Dim Mu for this rendering of our illustrious school mascotte

Inaugural Patron Appreciation ParTea

Save the Date for the Ocademy's complimentary 2-years-delayed coming out partea

Saturday, 30 July 2022 at 11:11am

Irvine, CA 

community clubhouse address to be sent to attendees a week before the event

Expect tea fare, games, prizes, and general frivolitea. Open to all members of our Omni Patron community and their non-patron guest. There is no charge, though we'll be soliciting volunteers to keep the tea steeping and buffet brimming. And should you wish to bring a celebratory treat to share, you'll earn double karma points.

Details to be sent out to patrons mid-May.

Suggested attire ~ Dress to represent Your Element
If you're not sure what that element is, click here to take the quick quiz

If you'd like to invite a friend to become a patron of our perq-filled program, send them to: maecenas.omniocademy.com


Gnusletter March 2022

After more than half a decade of floundering in la-la-limbo, our little arts nonprofit, Whimsicalitea, is launching, and doing so gloriously with a wonderful board of bright and capable souls who are willing to help us in our mission to support the "genteel arts"

Please join the Ocademy in welcoming:

Charles Spratley - Historian & storyteller (advisor)

Cheryl Turner - Tea Room owner (board member)

Cindy Freeman - Journalist & song writer (board member)

Jacqueline Clemens - Costumer (board member) 

Patricia Miller - Musical theater director (board member)

Roxanne Gambill - Photographer (board member)

Sanndi Thompson - Mixed-media artist (advisor)

We have 3 primary projects on the docket this year and hope you will join us for

Shared Treasure Hunt - benefiting homeless children (in July)

Our 2nd annual book drive for kids (in August)

Our 1st Omnifête arts celebration (in November)

... We're also on the verge of acquiring a venue - wooohoooooo!

For the latest event info through 2022, visit the FestiviTeas page on our Tea Travellers social group site

And for those who are itching to become "part of the club," check out our Maecenas Patron community

Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies

from Sally's Baking Addiction 

Hear ye, hear ye!

It is with great squee the Ocademy formally announces the appointment of Sanndi Thompson as Deputy Plenipotentiary for Gaia, Dim Q. Expect all manner of whimsical posts shared by her here. And do enjoy visiting her Sanndi Art page for treasures to ogle and even own! Bennmush, Sanndi!!!

Gnusletter - February 2022

Most of the questions we're getting asked these days have to do with events and when we'll start posting them again. So that's what we'll focus on in this gnusletter. To get you back in the social swing, below is what's brewing through March. As you'll see, there's something of a variety. 

P.S. We've implemented a reservation form to give you more options when making reservations.  

Sat & Sun 12 & 13 February - Paris In A Cup's annual BEST FRIENDS tea - SOLD OUT yayyyyy

🔎 Friday 18 February - Scone Cold Dead - Tea & Sympathy Investigative Agency case at The Tea House on Los Rios - 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE

🎭 Sunday 20 February - Club 11:11 - Into the Woods musical at the Rose Center Theater, Westminster

✍️ Mon-Fri 21-25 February - AUTHORS ADRIFT Writing Retreat CRUISE


🫖 Tentative: Friday 04 March - Tea Trek to Rose & Blanc Tea Room, Los Angeles

 🎉 Sunday 06 March at 9:30am - annual MidWinter Pajama ParTea Brunch - McKennas Tea Cottage in Seal Beach 11 SPOTS AVAILABLE

🍽 🔎 Saturday 12 March - Clue whodunnit - Pamela's in Garden Grove - SOLD OUT

🚉 🎁 Saturday 19 March - our first ever SURPRISE EXCURSION - 8:30am-3pm - We'll meet at the Santa Ana train station then take a train ride, do a minimal bit of walking (all flat), enjoy a tour, and have tea  💕 14 SPOTS LEFT - currently open to Omni Patrons

🔎 Sunday 27 March - Revisit the trail of the return of the revenge of the curse of the Pink Panther! Interactive Monte Carlo chic mystery at Paris In A Cup. Reservations open to Omni Patrons 02/02

Valentine Chex Mix recipe