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The Ocademy

"Omni offers a whimsical interactive approach to education, entertainment, and enrichment. Programs are designed to enable those with a pulse to realize their creative dreams through fantastical theme events, immersive experiences, and quirky artistic opportunities that transform mundane existence into magical adventure.
Dynamic Dimensions megazine

As the omniverse's only interdimensional institution of learning, Omni has been broadening the minds of young skolieer since temmpra immemoria. Many who have matriculated with us have gone on to serve their realms as healers, academicians, sports professionals, and in some cases demigods. In our nurturing, dynamic environment, pupils are challenged to find the best in themselves and to use their skills and knowledge to benefit others.

Our curriculum emphasizes imagination, innovation, and inclusivity while fostering awareness and understanding among species and elements as diverse as the omniverse itself. We offer an unparalleled outerdimensional intern program and have yet to misplace an exchange student.

Thank you for your interest in Omni — where you're always in your element.