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Biblioperatives 🤫

The Bibiliothefaeries Literary Guild (BLG) is one of the oldest and most prestigious orders in existence today, having formed more than two millennia ago in response to the burning of the Library of Alexandria. 

Historically, guild members treated the library with the reverence of a cathedral, the books in any given library as if they were scripture. And they treated bibliothefaeries (librarians) with deference with gratitude for service as stewards of knowledge.

The BLG has long since lost its militance, but not its zeal. Modern day biblioperatives do not carry weapons like their forebearers did when on a mission. Instead they carry interactive books, flyers, and treats. Missions nearly always involve conducting a library visit for a specific purpose according to directives from the Bibliothefaerie Superlative, every month or so. Our goal is for the library staff to smile when they see you coming, with the expectation you are going to make their jobs and lives better in some way.

  • Flyers and leaflets for upcoming free enrichment programs and trainings, especially Omnimmersive Learning Experiences' Reading Revolution and the H3 homeschooling series
  • Shared Treasure Hunt materials
  • Printable Kids Club in a Box kits
  • Interactive tactile Omni Tales (based on availability)
  • Edible treats or tokens for the library staff 
  • Covert badge that proves your status as a biblioperative
(covert assignment details available upon sign-up)

  • Opportunity to earn Plunder ducats (to cash in for Omni wares & events) for each library visit you make
  • Complimentary digital versions of interactive Omni Tales
  • Complimentary Growing Eager Readers enrichment lessons
  • Advance access to stories
  • Discounts on writing courses
  • Membership in our private Facebook community