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The Scribblers Pen Pal Club

The Scribblers is comprised of young scribes ages 7-17 who are interested in making new friends from far away. Having a pen pal is a delightful way to improve literacy skills and penmanship while learning about different cultures, locales, and lifestyles.

Letters are routed (and cleared) through family success coach, educator, and mother of three Heather Brims, Ed.S, CPC, ELI-MP to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all.

With monthly theme prompts, club members are encouraged to write a letter each month, or more frequently if they hear back from their pen pal sooner. Members may have more than one pal, and should wait for a response before writing again (within a given month) to give the other person time to catch up on the communication chain. (If it's been more than a month, the member should feel free to reach out to say hi.)

The Scribblers program will kick off June 1, 2024 with the following monthly themes going through the remainder of the year:
  • June - Who I am, my family, where I live, my favorite movies or shows
  • July - What I like to do in summer, my favorite foods
  • August - Kinds of animals I like
  • September - My favorite things about back-to-school time 
  • October - What I think of spooky season and playing dress-up
  • November - My pastimes and hobbies, what I'm grateful for
  • December - My favorite parts of the holidays, my family's traditions
Pals are encouraged to include flat unobtrusive items with their letters such as photographs, stickers, pressed flowers and so on, in keeping with postal regulations.