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Recruitment Rush

Bonzers news for denizens of Dim Q. An abbreviated Appraisement Cycle is to be held in your realm 1-3 March 2024. 

Highlights to include wiki versions of Ceremonials Inaugural, a mini carnival, Nitris picnic, Wonders Under the Sea dance, Druther's Day activities, a Terris tea, classes and more.

FRIDAY 1-9pm
  • Curator welcome & Ceremonials Inaugural
  • Assignment to an Aetherean guide
  • All-elements carnival
  • Tea & bikkie break
  • Anthology authors autograph session 
  • Picnic & Show Spectacular(ish)
  • Wonders Under the Sea dance
  • After Hour Unwinds including an Omni coloring station, live music to chill by, author readings

SATURDAY 9am-9pm
  • Ta'o Qheng (like Xi Gong + Tai Chi)
  • Virtual Estate Tours 
  • 2-for-1 domain interviews
  • Not-so-challenging element challenges
  • Uniform measuring & Aesculapian approval
  • Terris tea party
  • Meeting with Guiding Light counselor to select classes & electives
  • Bonding Banquet
  • Nod-n-Nosh ice cream social with your element
  • After Hour Unwinds including a collaborative story session, live music to chill by, stargazing

SUNDAY 9am-4pm
  • Langrada (like Yoga + Pilates)
  • 3 Classes
  • Athletics - choose from a Fantasy Fitness class, Squallix training, Bula game, or a nature walk
  • Surprises