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062324 umop Microschooling Meanwhile

Recruitment Rush

Bonzers news for denizens of Dim Q. An abbreviated Appraisement Cycle is to be held in your realm ... we just don't know when exactly. 

Highlights to include wiki versions of Ceremonials Inaugural, a mini carnival, Nitris picnic, Wonders Under the Sea dance, Druther's Day activities, a Terris tea, classes and more.

FRIDAY 1-9pm
  • Curator welcome & Ceremonials Inaugural
  • Assignment to an Aetherean guide
  • All-elements carnival
  • Tea & bikkie break
  • Anthology authors autograph session 
  • Picnic & Show Spectacular(ish)
  • Wonders Under the Sea dance
  • After Hour Unwinds including an Omni coloring station, live music to chill by, author readings

SATURDAY 9am-9pm
  • Ta'o Qheng (like Xi Gong + Tai Chi)
  • Virtual Estate Tours 
  • 2-for-1 domain interviews
  • Not-so-challenging element challenges
  • Uniform measuring & Aesculapian approval
  • Terris tea party
  • Meeting with Guiding Light counselor to select classes & electives
  • Bonding Banquet
  • Nod-n-Nosh ice cream social with your element
  • After Hour Unwinds including a collaborative story session, live music to chill by, stargazing

SUNDAY 9am-4pm
  • Langrada (like Yoga + Pilates)
  • 3 Classes
  • Athletics - choose from a Fantasy Fitness class, Squallix training, Bula game, or a nature walk
  • Surprises