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Preceptorhood & Edifoo


Featured Faculty

Heather BrimsEd.S, CPC, ELI-MP

Armed with an M.A. in Adolescent Literacy and Technology, Heather has dedicated her career to creating and implementing innovative and engaging curricula to empower both students and parents. 

As a mother of three young children, she understands the unique challenges facing parents and kids today. Her certification as a Family Success Coach (CPC, ELI-MP) coupled with her experience in teaching and education administration have made her a go-to resource when it comes to family connection and getting kids engaged in school. In addition to helping to spearhead the Omnimmersive Learning Experience and Shared Treasure Hunt's Scallywag Enrichment Program, Heather lends her expertise on a case-by-case basis as a Behavioral Analyst for a state accredited counseling center.

Bringing families together through the joys of learning is not only her profession, but her passion.

Current Omni courses & trainings:

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Charles Spratley 

  • Charles Spratley
    Paranormal Pursuits (filling in for Ysbrid Snud who is on a Styx River cruise). Edifo will cover how to find locations of spectral activity, best practices for making contact, traditional mourning customs, honing your powers of clairvoyance, and using your gifts and knowledge to assist others in this world and beyond. 
  • Preceptor Spratley is the founder of Illusions of the Past. He is a respected historian, compelling storyteller, and an in-demand tour guide of haunted habitats. In addition to teaching this course, he hosts live (and not-so-live) paranormal and history-based events with the Ocademy.

DJ Piper 

  • Sluggery Basics: Raising, Training, and Showing Your Slug Slugs are a welcome and loving addition to any home. Your new family member will bring years of affection and companionship but must be socialized and trained. Sluggery Basics will cover best practices in the selection, raising, and training of your slug as a household companion or for participation in the high-stakes, low-speed world of slug racing and showing. [Available now]
  • DJ Piper is best known as the author of The Detective Scott McGregor Mysteries along with a budding series of children's books. She has extensive experience breeding, riding, and showing slugs. She has multiple Grand Champion wins from the annual Slug-Fest Rodeo and Riding Competition. As a breeder, her slugs have won a total of 11 “Slug of the Year” championships. She is sharing her expertise in this six-lesson course. (You may read her popular Slug-fest account in the ocademy's Besties & Beasties anthology, available on the site run by Amazonians.)  

JSD Johnston 

  • Naturim - Edifo covers all the basics: pronunciation, alphabet, numbers, conjugation (or the fortunate lack thereof), most-oft used phrases, choice insults, and more. [Available now]
  • Squallix Primer (based on Everette Sheffield's notes) - You'll learn more than the rudiments of the sport. You'll also dive deep into the lore and legends that make Squallix the most revered athletic endeavour in the Omniverse. [Available now]
  • Adjunct Preceptor Johnston is considered Dimension Q's preeminent authority on the ancient language of Naturim. In addition to serving as an Ocademy Plenipotentiary, she is currently chronicling the extraordinary story of fellow Aquin, Peyton Drake. She is an event host with Platen's Tea Travellers Societea, a special agent who occasionally works on cold cases with the Tea & Sympathy Investigative Agency, and is on the board of the ocademy's arts nonprofit, Whimsicalidocious.

Sanndi Thompson, art sorceress 

  • Aroma as Therapy - Learn not only how to make your own aromatherapy products, but which types are best for which circumstances to ensure your sangfroid regardless of what's going on around you. [Available now]
  • Preceptor Sanndi is the artist force behind Sanndi Art where she creates whimsical multimedia art. Her mermaid, witch, and belly dance pieces are especially popular, and she has been commissioned on more than one occasion to create works correlative with literary series.

Tanniym Nonesuch, Retired Wrangler, First Class 

  • Caring for Dragonkind - Learn how to identify and recognize various species, master the skills needed to properly tend to your charge and how to avoid incendiary situations. [Available fall 2021]
  • Retired Wrangler Nonesuch has been involved with dragons for decades. In recent years, his wrangler partner, Lyle Dagnen, crossed over and is now riding her black steed in the Hereafterworld. Nonesuch has since taken the reins and dedicated himself to educating dragonless realms on the nuances of dealing with these most noble of creatures. You may recognize his brother Justice from the Ocademy's Omnicast news reports. Tanniyum's half-brother Marcus' written works can be found in la Vie Sirene magazine (now in dormancy) and in the ocademy's published anthologies.

Teaching appointments made with the zealous approval of the academy Bureau. 

Upcoming terms to include:
Alchemy Sampler
Fashion throughout the Ages
Aetherean Wisdom
Interview Tips & Techniques

Regrettably, Dame Prunylda Figg has temporarily withdrawn from teaching etiquette, citing Dim Q Gaia's "incivility" as the reason