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Fairy Godmentor Certification

"I can't say enough good things about this fun quick course. It is unique,uplifting, and leaves you feeling all sunny and sparkly inside. Deep down I think we all want to help others, be a mentor for someone who is in need." —S. Thompson 

Become an academy certified Fairy Godmentor in this simple & inspiring self-study program 
Perfect for gift givers, do-gooders, and secular godparents

Cost is $77 for self-study certification

We also have a limited number of Fairyssentials kits to be shipped upon completion of certification:

  • Personalized printed Certificate with wax seal 
  • Bottle of Fairy Dust to keep on you for when the need arises
  • 20 Personalized Monkey Business Cards
  • Neato hand-embellished Wand
  • A Surprise!
  • also includes shipping fees within USA (shipping only in US at present)
  • supplies are decidedly limited ... like very
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