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Frequently (or at least occasionally) Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the age requirements for matriculation at the academy?
  • A: Humanoids (and those able to shapeshift accordingly) ages 10-20 seekkl (years) in GMT reckoning (according to Gaia Mean Time) are welcome to matriculate at any point during that ageframe. 
  • Additionally, those long-in-the-tooth may take classes virtually in their respective dimensions.

  • Q: Are campus tours available prior to application?
  • A: Absolutely! We heartily encourage would-be applicants to avail themselves of our complimentary plumti tours for an enriching overview of academy life. Each visitor will be guided by an elderclassman, audit classes, attend a sporting match, dine in the Comestibles Commons, sleep in the Appraisement quarters, and more.
  • Tours of the virtual realm are not possible at this time—except for Aethereans

  • Q: What are the academy's species requirements? Do I need to be human to attend the academy?
  • A: No, but you do need to be able to shapeshift into humanoid form. This policy is common and in no way involves any sort of discrimination. There are innumerable schools designed for other life forms. The academy is humanoid-based.

  • Q: Do you offer any sort of pecuniary aid?
  • A: Yes, the academy Bureau maintains a Succor fund to ensure monetarily challenged students are able to participate fully in academic life. 

  • Q: Where is the academy and how do I get there?
  • A: While the academy comprises a non-dimension, it is accessible by all dimensions. Consult your local Custodian or Guardener for the location of your realm's academy portal. 

  • Q: What is the academy's term schedule?
  • A: We observe a 3-term format, each term lasting 80 luum (days) with a 40-luum twixt-term hiatus to allow students ample time to return home and help with harvests and other family business undertakings.

  • Q: How does the application and acceptance process work?
  • A: Prospective koru may obtain applications from their regional Custodian and Guardener or by making a request to Genie@OmniOcademy.com . Most applicants are then invited to come to the academy and go through the multi-luum Appraisement Cycle (akin to sorority "rush"). Recruits will be culled each day during the process. Those who make it through to the end alive are bonded with an element domain where they will live during their tenure at the academy.
  • For age 20+ courses, Omni Annex supplication is required.

  • Q: Can I choose which element domain to live in?
  • A: The responsibility for element bonding falls to each domain. Should two elements vie equally for a recruit, the recruit may choose which element to espouse.
  • Those seeking assistance with determining their elemental inclinations would best be served by asking Rufus

  • Q: Will my Aetherean guide reply every time I speak or think her/his/hemm name?
  • A: All new students are assigned a non-corporeal Aetherean Guide who will communicate with them telepathically. To answer the question: No. Aetherean summoning is a tricky business, based more on intent than action. An Aetherean uses intuition to determine whether they are being called or merely named. If Aethereans contacted their charges every time the Aetherean's name surfaced in thought or conversation, Aethereans would be popping out of minds to an alarming and jarring degree.

  • Q: Is the ocademy a real school?
  • A: Define "real". The academy was "discovered" by Plenipotentiary JSD Johnston while doing research on the sport of Squallix. Whereas many regard the institution's roots as being fictional, the ocademy's all-female affiliate Siren School was already in existence on Gaia in Dim Q, having made its presence known on social media in September 2011. 
  • The ocademy's Dim Q Gaia Annex offers online courses as well as in-person events ... although face-to-face get-togethers have been put on hold during the planet's health crisis.