2021 Annex Curriculum

The Ocademy prides itself on offering a balanced curriculum that fosters creativity, problem-solving, illumination, logic, fitness, and empathy. Our foray into the online world involves a limited edifo schedule, with new subjects to be added each term. 

The entirety of the 07 February - 17 April 17 Uldzbel term's Annex courses will be posted on February 1st. Below is a sample of what you can look forward to. Click on links for additional info and sign-ups.

  • Omniversal Origins - Learn about the omniverse's building blocks, those who watch over it, and those who make it thrive [1 joule]
  • Element courses - Immerse yourself in your natural element, be it IGNIS (fire), TERRIS (earth), ARBIS (wood), AQUIS (water), NITRIS (air), PLATEN (metal), or AETHER (soulspirit) [1 joule]
  • Naturim for non-linguists - Become one of the few who knows how to read this precursor to the romance languages using the original alphabet [4 joules]
  • Reasoning & Puzzling - Participate in a themed OmniQuest adventure to hone your skills in working out riddles and puzzles, deductive reasoning, basic math, and dot-connecting [3 joules]

  • Caring for Dragonkind
     - Master identification, recognition, treatment, and reaction protocols as apply to dragonkind [3 joules] 
  • Overcoming the Perils of Parenting in a Pandemic - Practice pandemic parenting without losing your cool or marbles [6 joules] 
  • Interdimensional Etiquette - Learn how to interact with those from different dimensions and cultures without causing an interdimensional incident [2 joules]  Postponed due to realm incivility

  • Writing
    • The Author's Journey - A specialty program designed to get new writers published in 2021. Open to non-enrolled students. [Separate fees apply]
    • Submit a piece to an Ocademy's anthology [1 joule] 
  • Inhale Aroma as Therapy for relaxation and bliss [2 joules]
  • Acting
    • Be a caller to Bramble On, the show that recaps the wildly popular soap opera, Love Among the Brambles [1 joules] 
    • Serve as an Omnicast reporter [2 joules] 
    • Join the cast of Oracles [3 joules] 

  • Squallix Primer
     - Learn the history and best playe practices of this incomparable water sport played with dwarf kraken, hippocamps, and puffer fish [3 joules] 
  • Sluggery Basics: Raising, Training, and Showing Your Slug - Everything one need know about slugs as pets and competitors [2 joules] 
  • Tao Cheng - The feel-good age-old martial art on which Qi Gong and Tai Chi are said to be based. Available in person outdoors in Southern California [6 week course - 3 joules]
  • Fantasy Fitness - Themed dance classes offered by Siren School. Taught in person outdoors in Southern California, health protocols permitting [6 week course - 4 joules]
  • Alternative Athletics: Blazing (Ignis), Dodge Boulder and Bula (Terris), Scampering (Arbis), Plunging (Nitris), Drags (Platen) - Learn the history and best playe practices of your chosen sport [1 joule]

PHILANTHROPY (especially beneficial for those required to do "community service")

Tuition is priced on a per course basis with a number of courses heavily discounted &/or offered complimentarily as pandemic relief

Each course is comprised of 3-10 lessons unless otherwise stated. "Joules" refer to course "units"

Visit the Preceptorhood & Edifoo page for information on faculty & their courses 

Application and Enrollment to be completed prior to course registration. If fees are prohibitive, email omniedifoo@gmail.com to request succor (financial assistance)

* * *
Expected additions in the Vurzbel term 
(02 May - 10 July 2021):

Shared Treasure Hunt - Scallywag Philanthropy

Interdimensional Etiquette with Dame Prunylda Figg, MM~DD - Sociology

Jaliluum Traditions - Enrichment & History

Fun & Festive Costumery - Arts

How to Interview Humans for radio & print - Enrichment