Whether in-person or digitally, Broken Wall dynamic theatrical experiences offers a number of opportunities for you to act


Dive into an OmniQuest crusade, online or face-to-face. It's like a virtual escape room with participants from across the globe


Now accepting submissions for Omni's upcoming compendiums: 
BESTIES & BEASTIES - published 2019
SEASONS of VERSE - published 2018
ELEMENTS of VERSE - published 2017
  • Cooking is Elemental - element-based recipe compendium
  • Fabulae ex Elementis - element-based fairy tales
"The thrill of seeing my words in print is the third best thing that has ever happened in my life (only beaten out by my husband and the birth of my children!) Such an incredibly amazing feeling to have made the 1st concrete step to being a fully fledged full time writer!! It still makes my eyes leak." ~Victoria Blake, writer & dreamer from God's own country
"Participating in Elements of Verse took me out of my element and gave me a chance to experiment with a style of writing that was not something I did—poetry. The closest I ever came to it before that was song lyrics, which I suppose is a longer form of poetry without the instruments." ~Cindy Freeman, counselor 
"I bought 6 copies of Elements of verse and cannot begin to say how wonderfully humbling it was to actually see my simple rhymes being deemed good enough that someone would want to put them in print. Not certain I have the words to describe what it's like, that others think something of yours is worthwhile. To be in someone else's story or book? Wow!" ~Marc Prudhon, knight


Do you have a character or story hidden within you that's begging to be let out to roam free?  Our Omni Tales project enables anyone with an idea to see their characters and stories come to life in a collaborative way, whether as a published stand-alone tale or as part of the greater omniverse with incorporation into a series of novels.
"When I was asked if my character could be used in the Omni series, I was so excited. Dream come true. When I go to conventions now, I'm not just cosplaying a character, I AM that character." ~ Kimberly Morris, science teacher
"It's so exciting! And while I am still learning about [my character] myself, I am enjoying watching the possibility of her growth through being a part of [the omniversal novels] too." ~Genevieve Poston, hospitality & healer

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