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👹 The beasties have arrived!

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The facts are shocking:
  • 27% of all mermaid fatalities involve commercial fishing nets
  • Unicorn slayings are on the rise as demand for healing horn remedies hits new levels
  • 48% of dragon deaths are currently caused by spontaneous combustion owing to poor air quality 

Clearly, beasties are in crisis. Fortunately, Fabled Creature & Endangered Monster Rescue is here to help!

When you sponsor & befriend one of our beasties, you can expect:
  • A certificate of befriendship 
  • Thank-you-note from your beastie
  • A 30% donation made on your behalf—25% to an applicable animal aid organization + 5% to Whimsicalitea Arts
  • Surprise gifties
  • Oddball updates & coloring pages
  • A clear conscience
Makes a great gift for animal lovers of all stripes! Get started for just $25

(one of our currently featured creatures)