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Gnusletter - September 2023

🎉 We have lots of news these days, so expect to hear from us 
frequently over the next 2 weeks. We'll behave thereafter ðŸĨģ

Join our Kickstarter Campaign on October 10 for a new way to read 

Plunge into an enchanted realm brimming with interactive storytelling, audacious adventure, buried secrets, peculiar characters, vibrant cultures, a mysterious ancient language, quirky games, gopher holes, 
and oodles of whimsy.



Saturday 21 October - We're going to the Tea House on Los Rios for their Legends of the Fall Harvest Dinner

🎃 Saturday 28 October, evening - Spellbinding Witches high tea - McKenna's Tea Cottage, in their festive courtyard 

ðŸŽĻ TBD - Annual Brass Rubbing & Tea at St Luke in Long Beach 

Save the Date for our Our Phantom Phantasy Phundraiser MusicaliTea in March 2024
(It's currently 60% sold out thanks to those who attended our Fall LBD fundraiser)

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