Squallix Haqua

Before the Maori haka, there was Aquis' haqua, the battle cry uttered and enacted prior to Squallix match commencement. Here it is for the first time translated for Dim Q in the People's Parlance along with the original text in Naturim:

I breathe the water, I soar on its surface: id nesspar ett logwa . id mopwun tsa jin virg
No one can stop me. No sea god or creature: non posiv altin id . ni oke suprol ezz fanti
I speed, I turn, I divert, and I cast down: id seler . id torned . tamm id decho
I conquer the unconquerable: id masst ett nimasstilm
My trident I hold high: dyiTHid fuipaik id gradeln faraf
Singing joyful praises to all: zol aleluz ad dut