The offer of your time and attention as a Volo (volunteer fiddlehead) is not one the administration takes for granted. The following heroic activities earn you the number of PLUNDER ducats shown as well as insider swaggery.  This program is in the infant stages, and will be added to as lighting and ideas strike.
  • Beta Test Element quiz (short version) - 10
  • Beta Test Element quiz (long version) - 25
  • Beta Test element course (through to completion, earnings for each course taken) - 25
  • Beta Test 13 step OmniQuests (1st one to be tested in Sept 2019) - 100
  • Serve as a beta reader for an Omni Tale - 25-250 (depending on the piece)
  • Leave a scripted voicemail message for a Love Among the Brambles episode. These will be used in Youtube vids - 15
  • Submit a ridiculous etiquette question to Prunylda Figg's Manners Monday column - 10
  • Do voice-over commentary (with a partner) on a chapter of an Omni Tale. These will be used in Youtube vids - 25
  • Do a scripted Station AOAS holocast ... this is similar to the Siren School Gnus vids from once upon a time. You can do voice-over (no video of you) only if you prefer. The format will be like a cheesy newscast - 30
  • Share a post from the Academy's FB page - 5
  • Join your element's Forum - 10
  • Recruit someone to our Fiddleheads Unite group - 10
  • Post a video of you reciting the Omni HRu - 20
Fiddleheads are responsible for tracking their own earnings so when the time comes that they want to cash in, they can supply a list of the activities in which they engaged. Make sure to note dates, titles, anything you can think of to help us gauge the impact of your thoughtful activities, for which we are most grateful.

[updated 13 July 2019]