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Gnusletter - January 2024

    Happy 2024, friends! Who knows what this year has in store? I sure don't. But I'm thankful we'll all be going through it together, to support and bolster one another. Our focus for the ensuing year will be "learning and philanthropy" with an emphasis on staving the epidemic of kids turning off to books and reading. 
We hope to engage, engross and inspire you with a few carefully curated events and a new presence online that includes a mini daily podcast and immersive learning programs. Below is a look at what's coming up first. Feel free to make special requests! We just got a call from Pamela's Tea Room last night asking us to resume doing Cup of Mystery events there. Some arm-twisting and bribery may have been involved.

We hope our Phour Phantom Phantasy Phundraising events will be music to your ears! We're excited to get back to celebrating with you. See our fundraiser website for details 

Friday 02/09 - Mask Crafternoon Tea at McKenna's in Seal Beach 

Sunday 02/25 - Brimming Baskets Partea at private residence in Irvine (complimentary for all who donate an auction or drawing item worth $75+)

Saturday 03/02 - Masked Gondola dinner cruise in Long Beach (for those who donate auction or drawing items worth 50+)

Sunday 03/10 - Phantom MusicaliTea at Spring Tea Garden's balcony overlooking the ballroom chandelier 

reservations open in stages beginning 01/07

The Magic of Immersive Learning—the surefire way to get kids excited about reading

Fairy Godmother Certification—self-study online

Join us for our new daily 11:11 mini podcast 
for whimsical ways to make life wonderful through small actions that lead to grand rewards

Heather's Homeschool Hangout & Kids Club

Help animals in need through our quirky Fabled Creature & Endangered Monster Rescue aid initiative

Perfect for a cold winter's eve, Roasted Red Pepper soup