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031924 lVS :)

Continental shift

Did you feel that?

The big foundational shift we just made to our patron program? In short, it's gone! After getting your feedback (thanks to all who responded), I've scrapped the patron program and in its stead have come up with a set of membership subscriptions designed to meet specific interests.

Details to note: All annual patron pledges have been stopped, so if you were paying annually you won't be paying again. Additionally, you may still have access to the same rewards through the duration of your most recent annual payment. OR you may apply your annual patronage to one of our new memberships. Just write to me and let me know what you'd like to do, and I'll try my best to make it happen.

All monthly patron pledges will be stopped in November, and you'll have until the end of November to use the applicable perqs. 

Below are screenshots that show the categories of the new Omni Memberships. All will be available as monthly subscriptions which you may cancel at any time. Click on any of them to be taken to the page where you can sign up if/when you'd like a more customized experience. 

Gift memberships available now and kick in December 1st.