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Gnusletter October 2020

Wishing you a fangtastic Halloween!
Through November: Fall into Writing weekly online meetups on Facebook for National Novel Writing Month 
Nov 8: Miss Fisher tea at Pamela's
Nov 14: Ada Hancock & le Chat Noir book launch tea - SOLD OUT
Nov 21: Enola Holmes inspired tea - SOLD OUT
Dec 12: Poirot Christmas candlelight holiday high tea - 2 SPOTS LEFT
Feb 5-7: Act I of the Author's Journey publishing program
Jan 23 - Mission mystery, ghost tour, train trip to San Juan Capistrano & more!
Feb 20 - Old Radio Show dinner (launch of Club 11:11)

Bobbiez Bakery new rhyming story for kids at heart: The Thanksgiving Feast - a matter of a pinion

The short novel Ada Hancock & le Chat Noir is now available. (Heroine Dee's Victorian Adventuress Survival Kit coming soon) 

Portals in Prose & Verse, our 4th anthology. includes original works by several people in our communitea - woohoo!!!!

The first full story (7 novellas) in Peyton Drake's whimsical fantasy saga are now out! Author Narrated audio books available to $10 Patreon patrons exclusively
And novella one in the 2nd story is in the hands of advance readers. If you'd like to be involved in beta reading, email Joy at SirenSchool@gmail.com 

Gooder Sense & Guidance - Tips on all manner of subjects
Omnicasts - Negligible news delivered by charming reporters
Love Among the Brambles - Faerie soap opera ... yes, you read that right

Literatea parcels for Bobbiez Bakery
Audio links come with these all packages. Hooray! 
$22.75 - Bobbiez Basic includes: Both books, Witches Brewm Tea, Junior Witch Hat, Sweeties - 4 available 
Or add an original mixed-media piece by Sanndi Art, custom-commissioned for this project (see video below)
$36.50 - Basic +MINI with easel - 2.5x3.5 (ish): (A) Broom, (B) Boot, (C) Purple-Silver Hat 
$39.50 - SMALL SQUARE with easel - 4x4: (D) Copper Hat, (E) Purple-Silver Hat, (F) Black-Silver Hat
Only 10 available total. If you simply must have one (and really, you must), please email SirenSchool@gmail.com with your selection. Joy will respond with delivery, & payment info, along with plenty of yada yada
Dee's Victorian Adventuress Survival Kits available sooooooon

Support multimedia artist Sanndi Thompson by purchasing a Bobbiez Bakery Literatea package

Coming in November, the Bibliothefairies Athenaeum Initiative - give us your Omni books and we'll donate them to young readers unable to acquire their own 

If you enjoy early-access to reservations, free books, merchandise discounts, and exclusive opportunities, join our Patreon community

The world's most adorable Mini Pumpkin Cakes