Steampunk Tea Party & Outrageous Etiquette Discourse with Manners Maven Prunylda Figg

WOOOHOOO re-re-booked for 15 May 2021
🐙Victoria & Otto - artist: Brian Kesinger 💝

Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 11am
 indoor seating pending health regulations
rescheduled from April 25, 2020 then March 6, 2021

at Madeline's Garden in Pasadena
🎩 Steampunk or Victorian attire highly encouraged! ⚙️

$57.75 includes soup, scones, 6 savories, 2 sweets, and tea, plus activities, party favor, (tax, gratuity, and Paypal fees)

All reservations are final, so if you're unable to attend, feel free to give your spot to a friend. If Paypal acts persnickety and you are on a phone or tablet, please try again from a computer, or clear your browser's cache/cookies, or try another browser. If it still gives you grief, you may send funds via Paypal to SirenSchool@gmail.com or paypal.me/SirenSchool .

Your Paypal receipt comprises your confirmation. We are a small social group and don't send out 'tickets.' If you're making a reservation for friends or want to sit with someone in particular, please let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen. Questions? Email us at SirenSchool@gmail.com
Regrettably, Dame Prynylda Figg (Manners Maven ~ Doctorate of Decorum) is not able to serve as event hostess as originally planned. We look forward to a splendid time nonetheless