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RESCHEDULED In Your Element tea

Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, Air, Metal ... 
Which are you?

In Your Element tea
Saturday, 29 August 2020 
at Pamela's Tea Room - plan for outdoor seating based on current protocols

Please come dressed to express your chosen element:
Ignis {fire} . Terris {earth} . Arbis {wood} . Aquis {water} . Nitris {air} . Platen {metal}
Need help deciding which element fits you best? 
Click here to take our ELEMENTAL INCLINATIONS quiz

$38.75 includes scone with trimmings, finger sandwiches, dessert, and tea
(as well as tax, gratuity, party favor, and PayPal fees)

$28.75 optional LiteraTea package: the original March 21 occasion was meant to mark the Ocademy's official launch in your realm, and we planned to celebrate it with the release of a kit that includes the first 2 novellas in the new Omni Tales series by partea hostess Joy, plus the school's Piddlypedia student handbook, and a handful of themed surprise goodies.

All reservations are final, so if you're unable to attend, feel free to give your spot to a friend. If Paypal acts persnickety and you are on a phone or tablet, please try again from a computer, or clear your browser's cache/cookies, or try another browser. If it still gives you grief, you may send funds via Paypal to SirenSchool@gmail.com

Your Paypal receipt comprises your confirmation. We are a small social group and don't send out 'tickets.' If you're making a reservation for friends or want to sit with someone in particular, please let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen. Questions? Email us at SirenSchool@gmail.com