Elements of Joy tea

Join event hostess Joy for the oh so official launch of her dream biz,
The Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences
20 years in the noodling, 10 years in the making

to be celebrated at an
Elements of Joy Tea
Saturday, 21 March 
at Pamela's Tea Room

Please come dressed as your 'element' of choice
Ignis {fire} . Terris {earth} . Arbis {wood} . Aquis {water} . Nitris {air} . Platen {metal}
Need help deciding which element fits you best? Click here to take our free quiz

$38.75 includes 3 finger sandwiches (cucumber, egg salad, cashew chicken), shrimp crostini, sausage roll bite, scone, tea
(as well as tax, gratuity, and PayPal fees)

$28.75 optional LiteraTea package includes 2 novella's in Joy's new Omni Tales series, the Piddlypedia academy student handbook, 
and a handful of themed surprise goodies

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