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NITRIS - Element of Surprise Parcel

Those who are serious about their element (or know someone who is) are prime candidates for Omni's line of Element of Surprise Parcels. 
Below are the items available to Nitrins {ie denizens of the AIR realm}
Items shown are representative. Your items may vary.
The 6-item Chock Full parcel is $43.75 + $8.95 shipping
The 9-item Brimming Over parcel is $70.75 + $17.95 shipping

Item options

Nota bene! Parcels are full of surprises. Thus, contents may vary from slightly to greatly based on availability. Thus, if you have your heart set on an exact item that is not in stock, you might be disappointed ... and then we'd feel wretched. So hopefully you'll enjoy being surprised.