Secret Opening Ceremonies Menu Revealed

An inside source has revealed the Nitris estate’s plans for the Benmush {Welcome} feast on opening day. The whimsical presentation will feature a variety of airy treats, delivered by miniature hot air balloon:
  • Wispy baguettes of lighter-than-air bread (with tethers)
  • Whipped farmhouse cheeses
  • Non-aggressive fruits
  • Large cabbage leaves loaded with assorted salads
  • Nests made of shoestring waffles filled with maple-crusted chicken strips and topped with hardboiled eggs decorated to resemble chickens (with carrot beaks and combs along with peppercorn eyes) 
  • Rainbow pudding & whipped cream parfaits 
  • 3D cloud-shaped cookies frosted with each student’s name
  • Barely-Berry Whizbang Punch