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Port #2 on the STH scavenging tour

Did ye learn a bit about who we be and why we be? What part about the description by Dynamic Dimensions megazine tickled your fancy best?

While here, ye may want to take a gander at the items listed in the dropdown menu. There ye can find answers to many of the questions to come.

Here be a token fer ye, in thanks of your efforts. Click here or on the book cover to open/download the dictionary. 

Don't forget to return to this page after ye've perused the dictionary.

Port #2

What be the name of the Ocademy's “genteel arts” nonprofit associated with this here hunt?

(a) Money Grubbers R Us

(b) Whimsicalidocious

(c) What Does "Genteel" Really Mean?

Reminder, make sure to look for the mini flag to click on when ye get to the next port i.e. the nonprofit info page