Spring Thaw Pajama Partea

Say so long to hibernation!

Don your coziest jammies for the last time before putting them away for the year as we celebrate the surrender of winter to spring … together … in person … at tea!

Saturday, March 20 at 10:30am

at Pamela's in Garden Grove

We plan to sit indoors, but should be prepared to dine outside based on protocols du jour

$39.95 morning repast includes quiche, sausage roll bite, traditional British breakfast sides, scone, tea. 
As always, there will be party favors & quirky activities

All reservations are final, so if you're unable to attend, feel free to give your spot to a friend. If Paypal acts persnickety and you are on a phone or tablet, please try again from a computer, or clear your browser's cache/cookies, or try another browser. If it still gives you grief, you may send funds via Paypal to SirenSchool@gmail.com or paypal.me/SirenSchool .

Your Paypal receipt comprises your confirmation. We are a small social group and don't send out 'tickets.' If you're making a reservation for friends or want to sit with someone in particular, please let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen. Questions? Email us at SirenSchool@gmail.com