Gnusletter - December 2020

It's time to RESET 2020! 

A scientist has located a temporal loophole that can take time travelers back to New Year's Eve 2019 to reset 2020. Take part in an online time-travel journey riddled with challenges, if you have the grit and mettle needed to get through the puzzling experience.

Cost is $20.20 (naturally) 

This is a family-friendly adventure comprised of about a dozen tasks with a play time of 75-120 minutes. Difficulty level: 2 (fairly easy). All sales are final and non-refundable. 

Payment page - https://omniquest.omniosophical.com/2020/11/escape-2020.html

* * *

Our latest news probably comes as no news — we are locked down and facing the darkest days of the current global crisis. All of our events are on hold, and all will be rescheduled at the sight of the first green light or "thumb up". There are worse things we could face than celebrating Christmas in March as we hope to do.

The online game featured above represents my attempt to translate an in-person experience into a virtual one. Making a balloon pop so questers can read the invisible message inside ain't easy through the internet!

As a reminder, events on ice with no new date as of yet include: Poirot candlelight high tea (Pamela's Tea Room), Sugar Plum tea party (The Four Seasons Tea Room), Reset 2020 (in person escape experience with tea at McKenna's Tea Cottage), On A Mission day trip to San Juan Capistrano (Tea House on los Rios), Gelida Pajama ParTea (Pamela's) Your Monet or Your Life radio show (Paris In A Cup), Beatrix Party Toad's Tea (Rancho los Alamitos), Mrs. Maisel's Marvelous Spring Picnic (El Dorado Park). This goes for our planned Ferris Friday tea treks and budding Thursday evening Historicitea events as well.

Events that will hopefully happen as planned: March 6 rescheduled Steampunk & Outrageous Etiquette (Madeline's Garden)

Events patiently waiting to be booked: The Queen's Tea Gambit (Paris In A Cup), Bridgertons of Fun (Springfield Tea Garden) 

* * *

f you're stuck at home, you may as well pen the next great American novel. And our Whimsicalidocious Arts nonprofit can help you do it via The Author's Journey, a comprehensive writing intensive that will take your idea from inspiration to publication in 2021.

* * *

The ocademy's E. Gads Hill Press is delighted to announce the publication of the following new titles: 

by DJ Piper is the second story in The Detective Scott McGregor Mysteries series.
A vacationing Fresno police detective works outside the law to solve a Las Vegas murder, losing sight of his relationship with his girlfriend in the process.

January 18 pre-order release 
available complimentary to Omni Patreon patrons in early January 
#8 in Peyton Drake's 49-novella series, #1 in his new story

* * *

Easy peasy and oh so festive Merry Meringues

from Good Housekeeping


Hoping to see you sooner than later in 2021. Rest assured, the kettle will be at the ready!