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Club 11:11

Dining through time & space

Exciting news for bon vivants in Dim Q—the advent of Club 11:11
an engaging supper society open exclusively to Patreon patrons at the Stipe level and above (with contests for those at lower levels). 

Commencing in Summer 2021, members may look forward to seasonal outings such as a Flamenco Dinner Show, Houdini Seance & Dinner at the Magical Castle, Brunch at the Queen Mary, and more. Era-and-theme-appropriate attire always encouraged.

Event capacity to be set at a maximum of 11 members (+1 companion each), based on venue regulations and limitations.

Those unfamiliar with the Ocademy's Spavel class, may be unaware of instructor General Alberts' contention that 11:11 is the time each day when one can access the timestream to travel through time and space. Hence our name - Club 11:11. (Interested in learning more? Read Omni chronicler JSD Johnston's novella Navigating Aquis.)