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Destiny by Design, Omni Tale #02 releases 21 March 2020

Mythical creatures . Threats to life and limb . Rebel attacks . Just another day at the Ocademy

After plunging through a portal to the fantastical Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences, fourteen-year-old Pete Drake fears he’s made a terrible mistake. Not only is life at the interdimensional school far more harrowing than he imagined, but a group of insurgents have infiltrated the campus, wreaking havoc and instilling panic.

Pete’s not sure which he fears more—being stuck at the dangerous place with no way out or running the risk of going home only to find he is no longer welcome after running away. He has to make a decision, and he has to make it quick. Destiny is waiting.

Destiny by Design is the second installment in Peyton Drake’s seven-part Mind the Portal story by ocademy plenipotentiary J.S.D. Johnston. The 31,000-word fantasy novella introduces readers to the wonders of the glorious ocademy and its fabled student body.

To learn how Pete ended up at the Ocademy, read part one of his story, Marked for Adventure.
Click here for the trailer.

And to find out which element he ended up in, continue on to part three of the story, The First Crack, releasing 1 May 2020. Curious which element might suit you best? Take the ocademy’s Elemental Inclinations quiz:

Peyton Drake's Omni Tale is written by J.S.D. Johnston
The e-book is available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords now. 
Paperback to release on 21 March 2020