Wiki on Wieldings Weapons

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The age-old armory is no stranger to controversy. When Wallen Wielding and his sons first hung out their shingle at the original academy, sign-toting pacifists and protesting parents showed up, Tohubohu-bent on shutting the place down.

On the other end of the spectrum, members of the Boys of Balzaq leviathan club were on hand to voice their disdain for what they call the 'pansy practice' of employing weaponry. "In my day, we dispatched our enemies using our hands and our teeth!" former fiddlehead Dak Flannard was quoted as saying. "If today's students can't do that, they don't deserve to snuff out anyone."

Current regulations dictate that weapons sales be restricted to 5th-10th level students. Sadly, that means no more Shuriken (throwing stars) in nascence (birthday) confections for the youngsters.

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