In the limelight - The Hub

The Hub is the common area that connects all of the interdimensioal portals, the portals to the Element Estates, conveyants, shops and the Comestibles Commons at the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences.

The Hub’s main structure is comprised of carved and polished dark mahogany columns accented by gleaming brass embellishments. Despite the heaviness of the wood, the whole place feels light and airy. The seats of the double-decker carousel are masterfully sculpted wooden creatures that all revolve around Connie's Confections, Cones & Cakes, located at the ride’s center.

The boutiques that line the perimeter include: Kit and Kaboodle, Dregs & Dubloons, The Soup Can, JuJu, Verses & Volumes, Maestro Presto's, Hooligans, The Spahhh, Zazzle's, The Full Windsor, Habitual Habiliments & Haberdashery, Wieldings Weapons, Strangler's Weeds & Things, Abby's Abysm, Off the Leash Primordial Pets, Cacophonies Plus, Guts & Glory, Museum of Yore, The Dive, and Capers & Romps.