Rollie Pollies

We're working hard to roll out a whole lotta neato things and programs in the next couple of seekkl. While "world events" have thrown a wrench in the works, we still have "plans." 

2021 plans, subject to rescheduling
Siren School's Fantasy Fitness classes in SoCal: Tao Cheng (Langrada, Equilubrius, Genie Belly Bliss dance, Island Breeze dance in 2022)
Oracles (choose-your-path theatrical experience)
Sugarplums & Element of Surprise parcels launch
My Epic Journey & My Epic Year diaries
SireniTea curated theme tea collections 
Broken Wall theatrical experiences performance opportunities

2022 & Beyond
Siren School Mythic Adventures getaways (Dryad, Genie, Mermaid, Naiad, Pirate, Vampire)
Siren Soirees & Day Camp
Various Omni language classes (including those for Silent Speakers) such as Parlapank, Vokaf, Takskrit
Writing Out Loud (read-aloud videos)
Siren School's Li'l Mermaids camps (Merminions, Mermaidens)
Li'l Mermaids Poise & Porpoise enrichment program for young women
Fairy Godmother certification
Platen's Travelling Tea Trolley
Plotting Against Platen ~ interactive Omni theatricale


Reset 2020 OmniQuest escape experience
Patreon program solidifies
Saliolum Leap Day celebration 
Omni Tales chapters release via Patreon
Omni Tales novellas launch on Amazon
Lost Scroll of Sapientiae OmniQuest game
Omni Tales chapter commentary  
Station AOAS Omnicast (video news reports)
Love Among the Brambles serial summations
Cynosurae newsbytes

2019 & prior
Element Assessments available via genie Rufus Sinjinn
September - Gnusletter launches
21 September - Besties & Beasties anthology releases
Matriculation available 
Elements of Verse and Seasons of Verse anthologies available
Ocademy & Siren School Meetup group created
Whimsicalidocious - Academy Arts Nonprofit established
Platen presents the Tea Travellers Societea (Dim Q chapter)
Siren School PLUNDER swaggery