We're working hard to roll out a whole lotta neato things and programs in the next couple of seekkl. Here's what to expect 

& prior
Matriculation available 
Elements of Verse and Seasons of Verse anthologies available
Academy & Siren School Meetup group created

June - Online Element Courses available 
Patreon page gears up
August - Element Assessments available via genie Rufus Sinjinn
November - launch of OmniQuest interactive quarterly adventures
Participate in the Besties & Beasties anthology
Siren School PLUNDER swaggery

Omni Tale novellas launch on Amazon & chapters release via Patreon 
5S (5th Saturday) secret tea parties
SireniTea theme collections launch
Fantasy Fitness classes offered in SoCal: Tao Cheng, Langrada, Equilubrius, Genie Belly dance, Island Breeze dance
Love Among the Brambles serial summations
Prunylda Figg's Manners Maven weekly advice column
Omni holiday celebrations & observances
AOAS holocasts
Cynosurae micro magazine

various Omni language classes offered including those for Silent Speakers