We're working hard to roll out a whole lotta neato things and programs in the next couple of seekkl. Here's what to expect. 

& prior
Matriculation available 
Elements of Verse and Seasons of Verse anthologies available
Ocademy & Siren School Meetup group created
Whimsicalidocious - Academy Arts Nonprofit established
Platen presents the Tea Travellers Societea (Dim Q chapter)
Siren School PLUNDER swaggery

Patreon page gears up
Online Element Courses available 
Element Assessments available via genie Rufus Sinjinn
September - Gnusletter launches
21 September - Besties & Beasties anthology releases

21 February - Omni Tales chapters release via Patreon
29 February - Omni Tales novellas launch on Amazon
29 February - Saliolum Leap Day celebrationLast Scroll of Sapientiae OmniQuest game
29 February Omni Tales chapter commentary  
21 March - AOAS Omnicast (video news reports)
22 March - Love Among the Brambles serial summations
25 April - Outrageous Interdimensional Etiquette tea with Manners Maven Prunylda Figg
1 May - Portals in Prose & Verse anthology
1 May - Siren School's Fantasy Fitness classes in SoCal: Tao Cheng, Langrada, Equilubrius, Genie Belly Bliss dance, Island Breeze dance
October - Oracles (interactive immersive experience)
Element of Surprise parcels launch
SireniTea theme tea collections available
Broken Wall theatrical experiences performance opportunities
Writing Out Loud (read-aloud videos)

Back Burner & Beyond
Siren School Mythic Adventures getaways (Dryad, Genie, Mermaid, Naiad, Pirate, Vampire)
Siren Soirees & Day Camp
Various Omni language classes (including those for Silent Speakers) such as Naturim, Parlapank, Vokaf, Takskrit
Siren School's Li'l Mermaids camps (Merminions, Mermaidens)
Li'l Mermaids Poise & Porpoise enrichment program for young women
Fairy Godmother certification
Platen's Travelling Tea Trolley