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Rollie Pollies

We're working hard to roll out a whole lotta neato things and programs in the next couple of seekkl. While "world events" have thrown a wrench in the works and require rescheduling galore, we still have "plans." 

Experience Emporium
Curations - Visceral Goodes Experience packages
Literatea book-based gift collections 
Siren School's Fantasy Fitness classes in SoCal: Ta'o Qheng (Langrada, Equilubrius, Genie Belly Bliss dance, Swaying Palms dance)
Siren School Mythic Adventures getaways (Dryad, Genie, Mermaid, Naiad, Pirate, Vampire)
Fairy Godmother Certification
Siren Soirees & Day Camp
Red Herring - 1960s spy cruise
Broken Wall theatrical experiences (performance opportunities)
Pre-Party PROM interactive show
Oracles (choose-your-path theatrical experience)
My Epic Year journal & diary 
From out of the Shadows one-off magazine issue
Sugarplums & Element of Surprise Parcel subscriptions

2024 & Beyond
Tea Travellers Societea chapters in other states
Various Omni language classes (including those for Silent Speakers) such as Parlapank, Vokaf, Takskrit
Writing Out Loud (read-aloud videos)
Siren School's Li'l Mermaids camps (Merminions, Mermaidens)
Li'l Mermaids Poise & Porpoise enrichment program for young women
Platen's Travelling Tea Trolley
Plotting Against Platen ~ interactive Omni theatricale

Whimsicalidocious genteel arts nonprofit gets underway
Omnopoly literary game
Surprise Excursions
Club 11:11 Supper Society

Omni Annex online courses
Cooking is Elemental recipe compendium series begins
Siren School's la Vie Sirene e-magazine comes out of retirement with a one-off Mid-Summer Magic issue
Whimsicalidocious' Crafternoon Teas
HistoriciTeas with Charles Spratley

Base of online operations moved to Patreon
Reset 2020 OmniQuest escape experience
Lost Scroll of Sapientiae OmniQuest game
Station AOAS Omnicast (video news reports)
Love Among the Brambles serial summations
Cynosurae newsbytes
Gnusletter goes monthly
Snoring Bulldog plenipotentiary podcast begins

2019 & prior
Element Assessments available via genie Rufus Sinjinn
Matriculation available 
Elements of Verse and Seasons of Verse anthologies available
Ocademy & Siren School Meetup group created
Whimsicalidocious - Academy Arts Nonprofit established
Platen presents the Tea Travellers Societea (Dim Q chapter)
Siren School PLUNDER swaggery
[updated 30 October 2022]