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updated 07-26-22 curriculum & plunder forms

Surprise parcels +

handcrafted by students at Siren School (our Dim Q affiliate) 

Sugar Plums

Crepe-wound trinket balls coming December 2021 
anticipated price $15-25 
{for 10-15 surprises inside}

Planners & Journals

Custom-created themed diaries: My Epic Year and My Epic Journey, each with a different theme
coming Autumn 2021

Element of Surprise Parcels

click on desired parcel for particulars & price 

Nota bene! Parcels are full of surprises. Thus, contents may vary from slightly to greatly based on availability. The items shown are representative of what you might receive, but if you have your heart set on an exact item, you might be disappointed ... and then we'd feel wretched. So hopefully you'll enjoy being surprised.

Future themes:
Mermaid, Genie, Pirates, Alchemy, Jalilum Magic

Niggling details: Supplies are ultra limited and available on a first-ordered-first-guaranteed basis. All parcel sales are final. Parcels are shipped via USPS. Shipping fees run $7.95-$18.95 per parcel depending on weight & size. You will be invoiced for shipping a day or two prior to parcel mailing, once the post office gives us the final shipping cost. Standard sales tax applies to all purchases made in California. Go us!