hosted in Dim Q
All 5S parteas commence at 11:11am and last 2 hours. Each theme ties in with the current season's OmniQuest which in turn ties in with the current Omni Tale published.
General cost is a suggested $20 donation to arts nonprofit Whimsicalidocious$15 for those who participate in the given month's OmniQuest. Includes: savories, sandwiches, scone, sweet treats, tea, activities, partea favors (BYO teacup, if you can, please)

16 spots available on a first-claim basis (4 from Meetup, 4 from Facebook, 4 from the unsuspecting public, 2 special guests, 2 Volunteers)

Costumes & festive attire highly encouraged

29 February 
Celebrate Saliolum (Leap Day)
with all the traditional observances
Concomitant Story: Marked for Adventure
(to be released by chapters on Patreon, beginning 1 February. Available as a novella on Amazon 29 February)

$5 discount for those who participate in the applicable OmniQuest on 2 February 2020
30 May - Represent Your Element
29 August - Acts of Piracy
31 October - Boo Moon

Unless otherwise noted, venue is El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA 
(near the duck pond and fountains)