Apothocarried Away - Love Among the Brambles chapter #15,911

VIola wrongly accuses Stalk of ransacking her apothecary. She later realizes her family has been too sheltered and that there are those who mean to do them ill.

Callily takes a job as an Empath Novice at the healthful Ivy Glen spa.

Slate and brook try to sort out what happened at the Monte Casino and find Slate's missing family ring.

Citron pulls a fast one on Jephrin the elf by having her friend Juniper hide at the Pool of Shadows to capture him on film in the buff, just as he'd done to Citron et al.

Nanny has dream visions about Slate's missing ring and how if not recovered, it will bring ruin to the family.

Magnolia fears she's taken her plan too far. If Prince Raffia succeeds in expunging all trace of the Brambles from the fae annals that will leave Slate indigent which will do Magnolia no good since she wants a future with Slate. Thus, she decides to distance herself from Raffia ... for now.

Threatened by Viola's growing powers, Prince Raffia puts pressure on Mayor Hollow to fire Viola as healer.

The human, Dodd Hoskins, begins to drop by Old Mill's place more often. Mill is happy to have the company and makes a point to discourage Hoskin's belief in the supernatural.

Rating: 🍄🍄🍄🍄

Tune in next plulum when Slate and Brook go on a quest, the mayor comes up with a plan to dissuade his pursuer, the faun-witch makes her intentions known.