The Unseemly Unseelie - LatB episode #1288

This week on Love among the Brambles:
Art by Brian Froud ... who else?

  • Pearl Nettlebottom (Bramble grandmother and matriarch) is ostracized by Prince Raifia of the Unseelie Court for rescuing a motorist who'd fallen asleep at the wheel and hit a tree. Will the motorist recall what happened? Does he know who saved him? And will he go in search of answers that could expose the fae's ring and enclave? Either way, Raifia has banned Granny Nettlebottom from court, with repercussions even the seers can't foresee.
  • Meanwhile, Viola has been asked to take up the mantle of ring healer, owing to the poor health of long-standing healer Tik Thornewil. Instead of being happy for her sister, Callalily is jealous of Viola's good news and promotion.
  • Slate regrets his 'stormy' tryst with Magnolia who has become besotted with him since their night in the bog.
  • Citron sees a photo of herself along with her skinny-dipping friends posted on social media. She vows vengeance to the poster.
  • Mayor Hollow continues talks with the humans' local transit authority and their proposed thoroughfare's impact on the clan's faerie mound.
Tune in next week when Viola finds herself 'bewitched' by an unlikely source.

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