Bewarned & Bewitched - LatB episode #1289

This week on Love Among the Brambles:

The Unseelie Court’s Prince Raifia continues to keep tabs on the motorist who'd fallen asleep at the wheel and after hitting a tree as saved by Pearl Nettlebottom as opposed to simply being allowed to expire. The motorist remains in the hospital with no recollection of his rescue, much to the Brambles’ relief.

Viola, now serving as the ring’s anointed healer, ventures deep into the Rune Forest where she encounters a friendly faun, unaware the creature is a witch cursed into animal form — a witch who will stop at nothing to be free of the curse, no matter the cost to others. Viola and Stalk Birdsong, her dear friend and greatest admirer, quarrel often about Viola’s journeys into the Rune, and Stalk becomes increasingly worried about her safety.

Schemer Magnolia Winglet, aware of Callalily’s jealousy over Viola's career promotion gets Callalily to agree to plot against Viola in some sinister plan not yet devised. Magnolia, smitten with Slate after their night together in the bog, warns him that his beloved Viola may not be in the world for long.

Citron continues to search for whoever posted on social media photos of her skinny-dipping with her friends.

Mayor Hollow continues talks with the humans' local transit authority and their proposed thoroughfare's impact on the clan's faerie mound.

Tune in next week to learn more about the Rune Forest Faun, as well as the plot being hatched by Magnolia and Callalily.